Hallway Makeover Story

I think I promised this post about a week ago, but hey…. better late …

Putting this blog post together made me realize reason 156 on why I like having a blog. Forces me to take billions of photos that help as a reminder of where we started and where we are.

By where we started I mean photos like this….boob lights and dirty carpet.


Where we are!!


After spending a few months putting together a Pinterest board of ideas (Click HERE) we decided to put up our own version of board and batten.

 A lot of people have other measurements you can use but, our hallway had a unique bend in it so I wanted to customize the hight to flow through the hallway. We went with 4ft 9in from floor to the top of the top board and about 3 ft between the boards. I say about because we did 3 feet between on the long walls and on the smaller walls we just placed one in the middle.


The boards we used are from Home Depot. I like to call them the “6 inch” or the “3 inch” boards. Technically they are like 3 1/4 inch or something specific like that. I don’t like to get over technical… thats when projects start to lose their charm.

So we measured out everything and headed to Home Depot to buy a car load (again not technical) of boards. He had to cut a few while there in order for them to all fit in the car 🙂


We used the “6 inch” boards for the bottom and the “3 inch” boards for all the rest.


Art in the gold frames are from Hobby Lobby

DSC_0706 DSC_0707

Art in the white frames are from TJ Maxx

Paint color is Ivory Brown in satin by Valspar

DSC_0711 DSC_0712

Lights are from Home Depot 


Stay tuned for the next room.



Lydia Lynn

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