Jodi & Justin

Before The Ring

Justin and I grew up in Elk County where I attended a Catholic School and he the public school. Justin was the good looking star of the basketball team and I was your typical cheerleader. I always had my eye on him but never dreamed I would have a chance! After our high school graduation he went off to college and I attended beauty school. We never saw each other again until one spring day when my best friend and I were hanging out in Bennezette. After spending some time checking out the local Elk we stopped to get some ice cream … there he was.  Looking tall, dark and handsome in his boots and jeans. I leaned over and whispered to my friend ” I’ll take two scoops of Justin Quiggle!” We both giggled. Still thinking, if only he could be mine. 

A month or two later I received a message from Justin saying “Hey, what’s up?”

From then on as they say … is history.

Sometimes we liked to reminisce about that chance meeting in the ice cream shop. The best part is we were both feeling the same thing when we saw each other.

The Proposal 

Justin’s mom passed away about 3 years ago from cancer and she has a memorial bench up at the cross on Mount Zion Road in Bennezette. This is a beautiful wooden cross that actually Justin’s Grandpa and some others built. Justin and I go up there pretty often to sit, talk and enjoy the view. It has a special place in our heart for sure.

December 23, 2016
I worked that morning and Justin was coming to pick me from my house because I was cooking for his dad’s family that night to celebrate Christmas. When I got in his truck with my puppy he asked if we could go up to check his mom’s bench and see if it was ready for winter. I knew I had a lot to get ready and cook so I asked him if we could go a different day but he was really determined to go today, so I said fine. I was being sassy for sure, haha!

 We finally get there and paisley is running around being crazy. I walk over to her bench, it looked fine. Paisley ran past the cross and I followed.  At this point Justin was right behind me. I then hear in a real low voice “Hey Jodi….” I replied with “What?! ” As I turned around I saw he was on one knee!! The whole world I swear stopped in that moment. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening and I was completely surprised. I never thought that he would be able to surprise me ! Wow did he ever. He then proceeded to say “Will you marry me?” Of course I said yes and cried my little eyes out. He then said that my parents were on their way to see us and take pictures. Seriously best moment of my life .

The Wedding

Our wedding is October 7, 2017. Fall is our favorite season and I have always dreamed of a fall wedding. Justin was also in favor of fall because it was his mom’s favorite season. We didn’t know if it would work because it was less than a year away but everything just fell into place. I had to make one phone call to book each thing. That’s when you know it was meant to be. Also Justin and I know that life is too short and we want our grandparents around to see us get married. Sounds morbid but you just never know!

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