Guest Bedroom Fireplace

My sweet friend who gave me our living room fireplace … messaged me and asked me if I wanted another fireplace. HECK YEA! Seriously how cute is this little guy? After a little white chalk paint, a splash of grey paint I had laying around and a few decorations I think it fits right in […]

Senior Portraits

Lately I haven’t said yes to many Senior Portraits. Only for the fact I was having a hard time figuring out how to adapt this old school “Senior Portrait” idea I had in my head to my style of photography. If you know me I love girly, soft whimsical, fun photos. Give me a girl in […]


I can’t express how much I love AirBnB. We have used it twice abroad, once here in the States, and we do nothing but sing its praises. When I travel into a city I want to experience everything and nothing makes you feel more like a local than living in a locals home. Granted, we are […]

Light & Bright

Please enjoy this “after” photo before you check out the “before”. Annnd the before! I’ve had this glass/wooden table downstairs since we moved into our house. Granted it doesn’t really match my house but it was free and free is always good! After chatting with my mom about wanting to redo this space she told […]

Bone Bar & Boutique

  If you are a dog mom like me you get really excited about anything dog related. Put cute treats with fun packaging in an adorable boutique .. I’m there! Welcome to the Bone Bar & Boutique. Lucky for me, Carly has opened this amazing boutique in my little hometown of Bellefonte. The Bone Bar is […]