Light & Bright

Please enjoy this “after” photo before you check out the “before”.

Annnd the before!

I’ve had this glass/wooden table downstairs since we moved into our house. Granted it doesn’t really match my house but it was free and free is always good!

After chatting with my mom about wanting to redo this space she told me she had the perfect little table and it was also FREE!

It is the perfect little table, with a leaf and everything! However I was still feeling like it was a still a little dark.

Fast forward two days, I was poking around Target and found these adorable Carlisle High Back Metal chairs for $31.51 a piece. Whawhattt! Sold!

After Target I ran to Home Depot for some chalk paint and brushes. Because the black table legs had to go.

From the research I have done it seems like a lot of people use Annie Sloan chalk paint. For some reason it was hard for me to find Annie Sloan where I live. I did however find out that Home Depot and Hobby Lobby sell Americana Decor chalk paint.

The first time I used chalk paint I picked up the color and creme wax from Hobby Lobby. I was pleasantly surprised by the color selection. However, should you decided to¬†go to Home Depot for your chalk paint you will only have about six colors to pick from. woomp woomp. Thankfully I just needed white and they had one called “Everlasting”.

Why am I so into chalk paint?

– I don’t like to sand

-I don’t want to spend time putting on four million coats of paint

-I want it to dry quickly

I’ve read a few blogs about how they did it but I like to keep it simple.

I wiped off the legs to remove and dirt.

Next I applied two coats of the Everlasting Chalk Paint using the Wooster brush.

This paint goes a long way, I did this entire project and still have paint left over from this 8oz jar.

After two coats I could still see a tiny bit of black poking through but I liked the texture so I stopped at two. If you wanted a solid white I would say maybe do one more coat.

Once dry I then applied the the wax using the other brush.

Some people added a tint to the wax to give more of a rustic look.

I was just looking for a nice seal and shine so I didn’t add a tint.

And thats it, just let it dry!

Wall hanging: Nate Berkus for Target

White shelves : Ikea

Chairs : Carlisle High Back Metal chair Target


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