I can’t express how much I love AirBnB. We have used it twice abroad, once here in the States, and we do nothing but sing its praises.

When I travel into a city I want to experience everything and nothing makes you feel more like a local than living in a locals home. Granted, we are not adventurous enough to rent one room but, we are happy to rent out an entire home.

While poking around AirBnB in preparation for our trip I was looking for places that remind me a little of my own home. Light and airy. (Is it really basic of me to say I also look for things with a little character that would make good Instagram photos, ha!)

Needless to say I fell in love with our little slice of heaven in Roxbury, Boston. I could totally see myself living in this charming third floor apartment. If only my doxies little legs could do all the stairs!

Our next AirBnB adventure is NYC in June, I can’t wait!

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