Senior Portraits

Lately I haven’t said yes to many Senior Portraits. Only for the fact I was having a hard time figuring out how to adapt this old school “Senior Portrait” idea I had in my head to my style of photography. If you know me I love girly, soft whimsical, fun photos. Give me a girl in a pretty dress dancing around a garden full of flowers.. That Is My Jam!

So when my sweet friend Oliva asked me to take her senior portraits (knowing she would let me do whatever I want while I try and find my senior portrait style) I said yes!

Oliva showed up to the local garden toting a bag full of clothes. We picked out a cute pink dress (knowing light colors always photograph like a dream) and black lace romper for a formal look and lastly a casual jean outfit.

Thank you Olivia for being a total doll to work with!

Behind you, all your memories

Before you, all your dreams

Around you, all who love you

Within you, all you need.

Happy Graduation!

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