Mr Rusty

Meet Mr Rusty. He is a 14 year old sassy Jack Russel who is currently going through chemo. His loving family of 6 decided to take some time and give him his every own photoshoot to make him feel like a star. We love you Rusty and are happy you have a new pep in your […]

Baby Memphis

Mr Memphis. He is the new baby brother to a sister, two older bothers and two loving parents. Here are his baby photos! Bonus photos, Memphis and his new siblings.

Heather’s Blog

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I would take a few photos for her new blog/youtube channel. As we all know I live for the opportunity to do creative things like this. Naturally I said yes! Head over to Heather’s Beauty.Fashion.Life. blog, it’s amazing! HEATHER KIRK BLOG And don’t forget to follower her […]

Won’t Rub Off

The new product that has all the girls talking? If you haven’t heard about LipSense then you definitely are not checking social media. I’ll be honest, I don’t jump on many home party product bandwagons but this one peaked my interest. I love wearing colors on my lips but between it wearing off after a few […]